Fuck Yeah Jamia Iero
Oh my god, I love your blog! Jamia seems to be such a cute person! :D x

she’s amazing. I’m glad you like it

oh, okay! thanks anyway ^_^ i'm gonna search it on youtube though :) cheers!!

that’s alright

If you find it, can you link it to me please? 


You know when Jamia born?
I'm really curious about that and I don't found anywhere.

sadly i have no idea, i’m guessing around the same age as frank though because I think they met in high school. 

hey, i LOOOOVE your blog...i mean, jamia is such an adorable person :) can i ask u where have u found the jamia/frankie gif? the one with the spanish subtitules? if u can show me the link i would rly appreciate it :) thankss

she’s amazing

and nope sorry, I just got it off photobucket. it might be on youtube though 

Frank: I tried to [propose to Jamia] really smooth, I - we were recording actually, The Black Parade out in Los Angeles and there's a road called Mulholland Drive, where you can kind of oversee the entire city. And there's a park, but when I took her up there it was really late so it was closed, so it was really on the side of a dirt road. Kinda like in a gutter, and, uh... but it was fitting, she was exicted and I was happy.
Interviewer: Who cried? Did you cry? Did she cry?
Frank: Nah, I think she just laughed at me.